why cold pressed?

No Heat. More Nutrients. Better Taste.

Urge Juice is a manufacturer and retailer of organic cold pressed raw juice. We are a handcrafted premium juice beverage that is delivered in 16 oz. glass bottles, raw and unpasteurized and made from 100% organic produce. With the cold-pressed method, we use a hydraulic press to extract every available ounce of juice without adding any heat or oxidation during the process. Cold pressed juice is more nutrient dense and retains all of its living vitamins, enzymes and minerals for its whole shelf life. With a 72 hour shelf life, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your liquid food. Please consume by the drink by date on the bottle.


Urge juice is licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and cold pressed at our Berkley production kitchen.


Drink plenty. Drink often. Shake well. Refrigerate.

We get asked quite often, "So, how should I drink this? Just a little a day?" Many seem to be confused by our typical American diet that is so heavily based on processed foods and high sugar intake, that we have somehow deprogrammed ourselves of what to do with raw, living food.  The simple answer is drink as much as possible!  If you think about the amount of fruits and vegetables we should be consuming on a daily basis (USDA recommended at 3 cups for someone with little to no exercise, a better recommendation is 6-8 cups/day), and the fact that the majority of people aren't even coming close, a bottle of Urge with 3lbs-5lbs of organic produce should not be sipped, it should be consumed heartily!  We should be filling over half of our plate at each meal with fruits and vegetables, at a bare minimum.  Consuming raw juice is an easy and convenient way to get the micronutrients and benefits of large quantities of fruits and vegetables at a time.  Drink plenty, and drink often!